Online Wellness Meet-Up Replay

Online Wellness Meet-Up Replay

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We are excited to share that the Online Wellness Meet-Ups are available for re-play, as a limited-time opportunity. The replay will be available from, [TWO WEEK PERIOD]. This is a special introductory offer at this time. You will gain access to the first two webinars that were held. Both webinars were full of laughter, insight, and practical advice!! Both webinars are available to you for a low introductory price of $5 CDN.


Watch the replays now


The first webinar, focused on fear, with an objective to help attendees re-frame the purpose of it in their lives. We provided a view of how they can re-imagine it’s use for good


The second webinar, focused on the shape of our personal lives. Our S.H.A.P.E., is our custom set of capabilities, formed from our Spirituality, Health, Abilities, Personality and Experiences. At any given time, on any given day, these are at play to support us and guide us. The S.H.A.P.E. of your world today, will determine how you thrive coming out of COVID-19. You will receive great insight, tangible tips, and great advice from Jully Black, Nkechi Nwafor-Robinson, and special guests, Miranda Malisani and Toni Jones.


Here is some of the feedback coming from those that attended live …


"My joy bank was replenished. Two weeks into social isolation and the #100strongandsexy and Empowered in My Skin online wellness team showed up on time to lift our spirits. Although remote, it felt no less personal than if Nkechi and Jully were in the same room with me chilling on the couch ke'ke'ing over coffee. It was a whole VIBE!

In fact, having experienced the 1st one, I immediately registered for the 2nd when the registration announcement dropped.

The 2nd online meetup had them elevate to another level and bring us a WHOLE EXPERIENCE with guest panelists: Miranda " The Belly Boss" Malisani AND Toni Jones, Wife Your Life, Wellness Entrepreneur. They served up a master class of wellness infused with great insights, humour and grace. So many mic drops on self-care-for building a foundation for emotional, mental and physical well-being. 100strongandsexy and Empowered in My Skin just made Saturday afternoons strong and sexy again. " - Best, Tricia 


"I have continued to experience personal growth and find connection through these webinars as the discussion always speaks to me.  Finding a safe space with real dialogue opens up passages in my thinking and allows personal reflection that continues beyond the calls.  In particular, the call with guest panelists, Miranda and  Toni with Jully and Nkechi was enlightening and extremely thought provoking for me.  The humour,  love and connection (even through virtual space) is like no other.  Today, I stand tall, proud and confident at 58 years young, in no small part than the growth I continue to experience through this community, virtually or in person!" Lauri Green


"WOW! What an incredibly positive space. The knowledge, wisdom and genuine loved shared during the webinars really left me feeling uplifted and encouraged. I couldn't write my notes fast enough! There were just so many valuable insights and tangible tools to help navigate not only this season of COVID-19 but to also simply improve my life overall. It truly was a blessing to participate in both webinars and have the opportunity to learn from these amazingly talented women. I will continue to share the platform with others, because there is so much to gain in such a short period of time. I can't wait till the next one!"  - Nina Cooper

"I was struggling to transition to working from home and finding a new balance with everything going on. The webinars were my compass to reset, recalibrate and re-route. The first session reset my mindset and perspective. And the next session elevated me to come out of this experience much better than I could ever imagine! I love the easy banter and down-to-earth conversation style between Nkechi and Jully - makes me feel like I’m hanging out with “my girls”. I couldn’t ask for a better experience." - Chidimma 


Both replays will be available from [TWO WEEK PERIOD]. Watch now


We shine with you!


Jully and Nkechi