Coach Army

Coach Army Coach Squad
Introducing the Coach Army! They are the heartbeat of TPOS, and they keep us stepping, moving and grooving. Certified in Xtreme Hip-Hop with Phil, the Coach Army is like no other, and focus on mind, body, soul, and community. They bring the fun, the sweat, and the burn to every class.
Meet your coaches...


Founder and Lead Instructor for the Coach Army, Jully brings passion, motivation, inspiration and musical joy into each class. Jully is an Xtreme Hip Hop with Phil, Certified Instructor.


Karen uses her passion for stepping to inspire and influence others to meet their fitness goals, growing with the community and connect with members to bring the joy of movement and music to life. 



Stacey uses her joy for stepping to bring positivity and passion to empower others to be their best selves. The step is her "happy place," bringing joy and accountability to the practice of self-love, and uniting communities together for the love of fitness.